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Thursday, July 15, 2004

World Games Inc.

World Games Inc.

I keep coming across WGI, aka World Games Inc, when I'm out talking to people, so I thought I'd check it out.
Well ...... not to good I'm afraid. So far I've found 8 Canadians charged with promoting a Pyramid (see this warning from the Mounties ), a Swedish woman convicted (Read this thread ), and the Australian founder, Greg Kennedy, currently in court with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (

Now, WGI seems to have two basic problems. First of all, in MANY countries, it's illegal to promote gambling without the appropriate government licence. Building a WGI network involves doing precisely that.

Second, it apepars that to make money in the business side of WGI, as apart from the lottery and virtual stockmarket side, it requires you to introduce other people to the network. ie, you are paid for recruiting new members. In most jurisdictions this is consider a sign of an illegal pyramid selling scheme. There should be a real product or service available to end-users with no membership fee available. Of course, doing this with WGI would result in you falling foul of the first problem all over again!