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Sunday, July 04, 2004



Really only 3 comments to make on this page -

1. The document was prepared on behalf of Proctor & Gamble .. the world's biggest producer of competitor products to Amway

2. P&G lost the court case they used this information in.

3. In 7 years of experience with Amway (note: not in any of the "families" for which examples are given), I have never experienced any of the things he claims, for example -

"The "upline" assume virtual "parental" control, and distributors are urged to "counsel" on all aspects of their life, including topics such as which car to buy or how to handle marital problems"

Indeed, Jim Dornan, head of Network 21, has explicitly said we should not be engaged in things such as giving marital advice! Leave that to the experts! When I personally was having some marital problems (not related to the business) and I brought it up with my upline and the first thing they said was "Have you seen a marriage counseller?"

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