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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Eric Scheibeler's Story

Eric Scheibeler's Story

So, someone sues the company who "pays" him, and they put his pay in escrow and we are supposed to be surprised? Good grief, get in the real world.

And this guy says the most he ever made as an Emerald was $30000/yr? Well, first of all, I can show you how you qualify for an Emerald pin and make a lot less than that, like less than $5000/yr!! The aim of a quixtar/amway business should be to develop a profitable business. I can guarantee that Amway/Quixtar paid the Scheibeler's exactly what the business plan said it would pay them for the business they create. Any IBOs reading this, know the business plan and work for a profitable and stable business, not just a pin.

Now, the thing that stuns me most about the Scheibeler's story is that he says that the most they made was $30000 in a year, yet he also states he quit his job??? I remember not long after I began in the business my upline Emerald stated that you shouldn't consider leaving your job until you are earning at least three times as much from Amway as from your job. Mr Scheibeler was either a very poor insurance underwriter, or, I hesitate to say, not very smart!

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