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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Crown Ambassadors Janz and Schmidt move to Network TwentyOne

I've now received confirmed news from multiple sources that Canadian Crown Ambassadors Jim & Sharon Janz and their downline, Crown Ambassadors Bob & Joyce Schmidt, as well as at least one other Diamond have moved their organisations from Jim & Margee Floor's International Network Associates (INA) to Jim & Nancy Dornan's Network TwentyOne. The move from INA is apparently amicable and with Jim Floor's best wishes.

This follows the merger of International Connection into Network TwentyOne back in September and is probably just the start of more mergers between now and Quixtar's August 2008 deadline for BSM companies to become accredited or risk their affiliated IBOs not receiving the discretionary QBI bonuses.

While hugely successful in international Amway markets, Network TwentyOne has been a relatively small player in the North American market. These mergers and the development of "second generation" leaders in North America (such as Jim & Nancy Dornan's son and daughter-in-law, Emerald's David & Jules Dornan and Crowns Bob & Terry Andrews' son and daughter-in-law Cale & Aura Andrews) indicates that Network TwentyOne North America is headed for some exciting times.

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Network 21 launches a YouTube channel

Following on from the QuixtarPR, AmwayBrandComms and AlticorCorpComm YouTube channels, IBO support organization Network TwentyOne has now followed suite, venturing on to YouTube at

At present there's only one video up, which is the following greeting from Rich DeVos to attendees at N21's recent North American Weekend Conference. I look forward to seeing what else appears.

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