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Monday, July 19, 2004

a2k price comparison

Not sure where this came from, but it's simple to do yourself - and

Note that Amway Australia has a price guarantee - if you find the same product cheaper at a competitor then they'll match or better the price. This price comparison claims virtually everything was cheaper at Woolworths online. When I was last in Australia I challenged a2k on some canned Tuna - they dropped the price. Has nobody challenged them if this spreadsheet is correct?

I just checked a handful of products (July 2004). Coca Cola 600ml and Aurora Instant Coffee, in both cases a2k at retail was cheaper. Madura English Breakfast Tea, as the time I checked was on special at Woolworths, their regular price was more expensive, their special slightly cheaper.

The really big misleading prices are when the spreadsheet creator doesn't compare "like with like". For example he compares Woolworth 1.25l Pepsi with a2k 600ml Pepsi and comes up with Woolworths as being 177% cheaper!!! Why not compare 600ml pricing at both places - if you do then a2k comes out cheaper, even at retail!

A real issue with price comparisons comes when trying to compare different brands. I read somewhere on the Amquix site where someone was comparing store bought Vitamin C with Nutrilite C Complex and noting how much cheaper the store bought one is. This is kind of like comparing the price of a Lada with a Ferrari and saying Ferrari's are a rip off! Not even close to competitve products :-) 

And comparing Energizer batteries with "Acme" brand? Good grief.
Mind you, nice to see they apparently did reasonably correct comparisons on cleaning products, and the AMway stuff kicks butt :-)

Do comparisons yourself at retail pricing and see for yourself, a2k and homeshop both allow guests to browse.

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