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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Crown Ambassadors Janz and Schmidt move to Network TwentyOne

I've now received confirmed news from multiple sources that Canadian Crown Ambassadors Jim & Sharon Janz and their downline, Crown Ambassadors Bob & Joyce Schmidt, as well as at least one other Diamond have moved their organisations from Jim & Margee Floor's International Network Associates (INA) to Jim & Nancy Dornan's Network TwentyOne. The move from INA is apparently amicable and with Jim Floor's best wishes.

This follows the merger of International Connection into Network TwentyOne back in September and is probably just the start of more mergers between now and Quixtar's August 2008 deadline for BSM companies to become accredited or risk their affiliated IBOs not receiving the discretionary QBI bonuses.

While hugely successful in international Amway markets, Network TwentyOne has been a relatively small player in the North American market. These mergers and the development of "second generation" leaders in North America (such as Jim & Nancy Dornan's son and daughter-in-law, Emerald's David & Jules Dornan and Crowns Bob & Terry Andrews' son and daughter-in-law Cale & Aura Andrews) indicates that Network TwentyOne North America is headed for some exciting times.

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Network 21 launches a YouTube channel

Following on from the QuixtarPR, AmwayBrandComms and AlticorCorpComm YouTube channels, IBO support organization Network TwentyOne has now followed suite, venturing on to YouTube at

At present there's only one video up, which is the following greeting from Rich DeVos to attendees at N21's recent North American Weekend Conference. I look forward to seeing what else appears.

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Friday, October 05, 2007


From Alticor Media blog -

California: Case dismissed

We received official word from California federal court this afternoon that Woodward et al v. Quixtar has been dismissed.

The dismissal deals a severe blow to Orrin Woodward’s federal class-action legal attack. Woodward and other plaintiffs cynically claimed that Quixtar was an illegal pyramid scheme in an attempt to avoid their contractual obligations, embarrass the company and damage its IBOs. The company adamantly denied the charges and noted that a Michigan court had already ordered the plaintiffs to arbitrate their claims.

This is a major victory, and we are grateful that the judge agreed with our arguments in the case.

In his ruling, Feess noted that “the Michigan court has already enjoined Plaintiffs from violating the covenants not to compete and not to solicit and sent the case to arbitration.” He later added, “[T]he Court agrees with the Michigan court and believes the parties’ arbitration agreement is valid and binding.

“[T]he court GRANTS Quixtar’s motion to dismiss on declaratory relief abstention grounds and the matter is hereby DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE.”

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Friday, September 28, 2007

TEAM vs Quixtar: Arbitration enforced?

There's some hints on the TEAM forum run by TEAM's PR firm, Ashton Partners, that the judge in the TEAM vs Quixtar "class-action" lawsuit in California has enforced Quixtar's Arbitration claims. Some quotes -
As the court case is in arbitration, and it is in Quixtar's best interest to drag it out as long as possible, you may find that a decision from arbitration could take longer than the six months that it would take to resign and follow the existing non-compete.
and later from the same poster -
I too have received my, "The purpose of this letter is to confirm that your independent business has been deleted from our files." statement from Quixtar; unfortunately, I will not be free as soon as you unless Chris and Orrin are successful before March 10th. I will be truly free about two weeks later! I waited until after the California case was sent to arbitration.
There's been no official comments on the case for quite some time, though various TEAM blogs keep appearing and keep highlighting various affidavit's from the case. Curiously the affidavit's often seem to make TEAM's case worse, but the bloggers ignore this. I've tried querying them in their comments, but they've turned on "moderation" and none of my questions are appearing.

Anyone know the story, let us know!
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TEAM vs Quixtar: Haugen and Wilson withdraw from lawsuit

The Alticor Media Blog is reporting that former Quixtar Double Diamond Randy Haugen and former Quixtar Diamond Don Wilson have withdrawn from the Team lawsuit against Quixtar in California. Including the initial withdrawal of Fred Harteis, that's now three "major players" who have withdrawn from the suit. The remaining plaintiffs are -

Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Billy Florence, Chuck Goetschel, Tim Marks, Kirk Birtles, James Martin, Aron Radosa, David Brandy, Benjamin Dickie, Bruce Gilbank, Michael Martenson, and Chuck Cullen

I've so far only found one response on the various Team blogs and forums. That response was on the Ashton Partners run forum at -
I wouldn't worry about it too much
Hmmm .... well, no one can accuse Team of failing to imbue their IBOs with positive thinking!

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Network 21 North America Pursuing Quixtar Accreditation

the truth about amway and quixtar site has a letter from Network 21 founder Jim Dornan to N21 leader's and IBOs. it begins -

Dear Network 21 leaders and IBO's,

As most of you are aware, the company is continuing in their efforts to transform our great business into an even more powerful opportunity. The announcements of new products and a consumer focus, the new financial incentives totalling over $60 million dollars per year, the extensive investments in training and advertising ($200 million), as well as the on-going efforts to address issues regarding BSM/accreditation, and the proper positioning of such to assure maximum profitability of each IBO......all should lead to a wonderful future.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Quixtar launched SimplyNutrilite

Fantastic new products from Quixtar, check them out at!

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Quixtar University Launched

Quixtar University, available at, has now been launched for all Quixtar Independent Business Owners. The site provides video training, PDF files and wizards to help IBOs. At present there are two areas of study available -
Basic Business Skills
Product Expertise
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Friday, August 31, 2007

TEAM - FreeTheIBO? No - UseTheIBO

Last week I commented on the fact that I and many other people had been banned from commenting on the TEAM forums at Initially I was just banned from my particular internet address, so I simply used another one to log in and ask why I'd been banned. I'd posted nothing inflammatory. The reply? My account and all the posts I'd made were deleted! Other folk have reported the exact same thing.

So much for "freedom".

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Quixtar vs TEAM - A Granholm Connection?

First of all I'll say up front that if I was an American (I'm not) I'd probably be a registered Democrat, and I'm grateful that, despite the founding families well-know support for the Republican Party, the corporations official position is that politics shouldn't be promoted in conjunction with the business. I'm even more grateful that my LOA abides by that rule. It's a policy that's being given some much needed teeth in the Quixtar Accreditation process.

However -s omething interesting struck my eye after doing some further research on today's Quixtar vs TEAM rulings. Many of the new reports include something like the following -

A statement released by Chris DeWitt on behalf of the distributors indicated they plan to continue their fight. "Some very brave IBOs have blown the whistle on Quixtar's illegal business practices. This is just one small skirmish in a very long and involved battle. In the end the IBOs will prevail." (

After reading that I thought I'd go hunting for Chris DeWitt's statement. So what did I do? Naturally enough, I googled "Chris DeWitt Quixtar"

And didn't that find something interesting ... Lots and lots of links to news stories about the DeVos vs Granholm Michigan Governor's race, quoting

"Granholm campaign spokesman Chris DeWitt"

DeWitt is quoted numerous times disparging Amway and Quixtar in support of Governor Granholm. Funnily enough, last week a thread on the TEAM Forums likened Quixtar to Democrats. This would come as an enormous surprise to the DeVos family I'm sure!

Probably all just coincidence ... but interesting nevertheless ....

Oh ... and I never did find the statement, can any TEAM members help out with the statement? Or info on the DeWitt connection?

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Amway: The Missing Partnership?

The following text is from a chapter headed The Other Partnership in Charles Paul Conn's 1985 book Promises to Keep: The Amway Phenomenon and How It Works. It will probably get me shot by the copyright police, but I think it's worthwhile reading to provide some context for some of the challenges facing Amway and Quixtar around the world. I think the words speak for themselves.

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Quixtar, IBO and me!: Quixtar GooGle Bombing and Information Misrepresentation

Quixtar, IBO and me!: Quixtar GooGle Bombing and Information Misrepresentation

Yet another lunatic babbles on cluelessly. Would you believe he even claims we "hide the fact that PV/BV "resets" every month!

Has he/she actually ever had anything to do with Amway or Quixtar? I'm 1000% certain he/she hasn't had experience with all of BWW/N21/TEAM/WWDB as he/she implies.

Absolutely clueless

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