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Friday, September 28, 2007

TEAM vs Quixtar: Arbitration enforced?

There's some hints on the TEAM forum run by TEAM's PR firm, Ashton Partners, that the judge in the TEAM vs Quixtar "class-action" lawsuit in California has enforced Quixtar's Arbitration claims. Some quotes -
As the court case is in arbitration, and it is in Quixtar's best interest to drag it out as long as possible, you may find that a decision from arbitration could take longer than the six months that it would take to resign and follow the existing non-compete.
and later from the same poster -
I too have received my, "The purpose of this letter is to confirm that your independent business has been deleted from our files." statement from Quixtar; unfortunately, I will not be free as soon as you unless Chris and Orrin are successful before March 10th. I will be truly free about two weeks later! I waited until after the California case was sent to arbitration.
There's been no official comments on the case for quite some time, though various TEAM blogs keep appearing and keep highlighting various affidavit's from the case. Curiously the affidavit's often seem to make TEAM's case worse, but the bloggers ignore this. I've tried querying them in their comments, but they've turned on "moderation" and none of my questions are appearing.

Anyone know the story, let us know!
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